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window installation educational opportunities

2022 was the year that we could finally meet clients and prospects face-to-face again (thanks pandemic!) and the feedback we received about our work was really encouraging.

Trading Up Consulting and Trading Up Academy are filling a huge void in the window fashion industry by providing knowledge & education when it comes to window treatment installation and customer service. Our goal is to raise the standards for our industry as a whole, one window covering at a time.

Today, I am going to list all of the services we offer so you can take advantage of them and become a top-notch professional in the industry, too.

I’ve always believed that knowledge has the power to open doors. In fact, one of the mantras I use daily is Never Stop Learning. Regardless of the subject, whether investments, health, traveling or learning a new language, I love acquiring new skills and sharing them with you. To me, the more I share, the more I learn. 

Even when I started in this industry 15 years ago, it was basically the same way: learning from online forums, networking events, reading articles and magazines and watching videos. Before I knew it, I was sharing my installation experiences with others’ too.

In 2020 I had an idea. I would set out to share all of my years of blood, sweat and tears installing window treatments with my peers in a structured way. And that’s where Trading Up Consulting was born. Not long after that is when Trading Up Academy came to life too. Like twins, people can’t really tell who’s who.

In very simple terms, Trading Up Consulting is the older brother; outgoing and loves meeting people face to face. Trading Up Consulting offers consulting services, in person training, seminars & conventions. 

Trading Up Academy is the shy little sister: smart, loves to study and prefers the convenience of learning from a computer: think E-Learning!

Today, I am going to list all of the services we are currently offering. Some are totally free and some require a bit of an investment. You’ll also have a chance to get a sneak peek into what’s coming in 2023.

Without further ado, here’s our current offerings list:

Trading Secrets Newsletter (free) - twice a month newsletter where we share tips, tools, product knowledge, how to handle sticky situations and more. We also offer exclusive deals for our subscribers. Sign-up here

Trading Secrets Podcast (free) - twice a month episodes. These are very short, real-life stories, typically under 10 minutes. Listen while driving, at the gym or while taking a walk. I share tips, tools and stories that you can apply to your business and personal life too. They all have a bit of zesty Brazilian sauce! Listen here

Blogs (free) - a growing archive of articles with lots of lessons that will help you become a top-notch professional in the window treatment industry. Available 24/7 anywhere in the world. Access here

Installer’s Directory (free) - looking for a window treatment installer across town or across the country? We have you covered. Are you an installer looking to have your company listed for free to expand your visibility? This is the place for you too. Visit directory

Facebook Group (free) - a growing space to share and learn about the industry. We welcome everyone: from seasoned professionals, to newbies and even wannabes looking to find out if this industry is right for them. Join the group here.

Instagram (free) - We love sharing daily tips, installs and situations to avoid. Our instagram is fun and interactive. Follow Us

YouTube (free) - this is the latest addition to our social media channels. We offer tips, tricks and lessons to become a better professional with visuals! Subscribe here

LinkedIn - If you prefer a more formal social media channel to learn from, we have you covered via our LinkedIn channel. Connect here

VIP Card (fee) - need help with a project? Starting a business? Developing a product that needs feedback? We offer several different packages to assist you. This is a one on one consulting / coaching service. Learn more

E-Learning (fee) - We have a growing library of online training classes. Don’t know if this industry is the right fit for you? Our most popular course gives you a 360 view of the industry. Visit here

The Wise Community (membership) - It's the only platform in the window covering industry that provides education, training, and expertise in several areas. We cover hard and soft treatments, shutters, motorization, installation techniques, tool recommendations, and business topics. Designed with installers, decorators, interior designers, dealers, sales consultants, workrooms, and fabricators in mind. Join here

Speaking Opportunities (fee) - looking for a speaker for your event? We would be glad to discuss and prepare a presentation for your audience. Some of our most popular presentations include “How to receive 5-star reviews every time” and “What’s in my toolbox”. Contact Us

In person training (fee) - Ever thought about having a different set of eyes offering honest feedback and suggestions to help you improve your operation? Our 15 years of experience has proven priceless to clients all over the country. Contact Us

What’s coming in 2023…

We are very excited to share with you our latest offerings:

The Installation Certification - Six online modules packed with dozens of classes where we share tips, tricks and techniques in a variety of areas: tools, hard treatments, soft treatments, shutters, motorization and customer service & etiquette. Upon completion, you will be able to take a test and earn your certification. Wait List

The shadowing program - This will be an opportunity offered to the pros that earned their online certification badge to get real life experience by shadowing us on real installations. This is a week long training at our facility in Franklin, MA. Wait List

The year is just starting. Take this opportunity to learn about ways to become a top-notch window treatment installation professional and leave your competitors behind. Trading Up Consulting is here to assist you every step of the way.

And remember, 

Never Stop Learning

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