3 Things You Can Learn to Become a Better Window Treatment Installer

# installation # professionalinstaller #topnotchinstaller Jun 21, 2022
3 Things You Can Learn to Become a Better Window Treatment Installer

Learning to be "the best" comes with staying on top of trends, always learning, and always improving what you do so you can do it better.⁠

A few things I always recommend for you to improve include: ⁠

Learning window types

With the vast variety of windows available, your job as a window covering pro is to make sure you know what you're working with! Learn the different window types and how you can perfect the installation for them. ⁠

Basic measurements

A big part of the job is measuring, so this is a skill you want to make sure you've mastered. This will ensure that nothing throws you off when you're dealing with odd shaped windows and treatments you have to use to cover it up! ⁠

Types of treatments

There are many different types of window treatments and knowing how to work with each one of them will ensure that you cater to the majority of your clients! If there is a treatment you are not familiar with yet, put in the effort to learn about it so you can expand your expertise. ⁠

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