3 Ways to Become a Top Notch Window Treatment Installer

# installation #industryknowledge #tools #topnotchinstaller Jun 03, 2022
3 Ways to Become a Top Notch Window Treatment Installer

At Trading Up Academy, we are training window treatment installers to become TOP NOTCH through education, networking and hands on experience. ⁠

Here are a few mottos we follow to ensure our installers are on their way to becoming the BEST! ⁠

1. Always keep learning: there is always something new to learn ⁠
2. network with other industry professionals: learning from those who have already been through the process is one of the most valuable methods of education. ⁠
3. Practice, practice, practice: continued practice and consistency will always help you perfect a skill and it's something we strongly believe here at Trading Up Academy. ⁠

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