Selecting a good step ladder: Window Treatment Installer Tips

# installation # professionalinstaller #installation #tools #topnotchinstaller May 07, 2021
Selecting a good step ladder: Window Treatment Installer Tips

Some of my peer installers are tall and can reach most of their installation targets without assistance from a step ladder. I, on the other hand, being only 5’4”, need to use at least a step stool for most jobs.

Since my height cannot be changed and a step ladder is part of my daily routine as an installer, I have decided to buy one with several added benefits.

This step ladder is lightweight, has a tray for tools, wide steps for ease of use and is quite affordable too.

FYI, this is a free recommendation and I am not getting paid by the manufacturer to promote it.

The brand I use is called Gorilla Ladder. They offer 2-step and 3-step options online. The site does not list their weights, it only states: Aluminum super light and the max load capacity is 250lbs.

I have been using these ladders for close to five years. They are really lightweight, sturdy and I feel very comfortable and safe standing on the top step.

The tray at the top of the ladder is great! Separate compartments for screws and small parts as well as the different size holes to easily place tools while one hand holds treatments or brackets on the wall.

An added benefit of the raised tray is that it allows me to lean forward if I need to reach a difficult spot but still have some support to maintain my balance.

What about those windows behind toilets? Yes, they thought of those too. Because this ladder does not have braces across its legs, it can easily be placed over the toilet making installations a breeze.

The price is simply fantastic: under $50 for a top notch ladder! I personally own two units that stay in my van at all times. Combining the two ladders and an expandable plank, I now have 9 ft. long arms to install wide treatments alone.

As a final tip: I have installed a “Z” bracket on the side near the top to place my measuring tape. This bracket has proven to be handy, specially if I have one hand tied holding onto something but still needing to confirm dimensions before making a hole. See it in action: watch this quick video on Instagram.

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