Basic Supplies Every Window Treatment Installer Should Have

#measurements #skills #tools #topnotchinstaller Jul 12, 2022
Basic Supplies Every Window Treatment Installer Should Have

After being a window treatment installer for over a decade, I have pretty much mastered my essential toolbox to make sure all jobs are done efficiently and timely (wasted time is wasted money!) ⁠

Here are a few essential tools I recommend you always have available in your toolbox: ⁠

1. Various screw sizes: you never know what you might come across during an install so having various options certifies that you won't have to go looking for the right screw to install the brackets. You'll have it on hand and you'll be good to go. ⁠

2. Cordless drill: This one is self-explanatory. While working with various heights and walking from one end of a wall to the other (frequently) a cordless drill will become a lifesaver (just make sure it's charged before you head out on the job!) ⁠

3. Tape measure: measuring is a significant part of the job so it's safe to say a tape measure is our best friend! Always have one on hand to guarantee accurate measurements. ⁠

4. Step stool: A simple but overlooked tool. Although a ladder can do the trick, a step stool helps when trying to reach shorter locations as it allows for easier relocation. ⁠

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