Details Matter in the Window Treatment Installation World

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Details Matter in the Window Treatment Installation World

A large portion of the window fashions industry is dedicated to discretionary income: Getting consumers with money to spend on things they want versus things they need. 

For that reason, these consumers can be very selective about the professionals they choose to work with. Today I will share a few tips for you to stand out as a Top-Notch Installer and win those consumers over time and time again.

Typically, working with mid and high-end clients offers better-paying jobs but it also requires more attention to details. 

Window treatment installers are the center of attention on installation day. For the most part, the homeowner and designer will be watching you work, especially at the beginning as you bring the tools and goods inside the house. So for that reason, you should take extra steps to demonstrate that you are taking extra precaution while on their property and inside their homes.

These types of consumers spend good money furnishing their homes with expensive flooring, furniture, wallpaper and maintaining a clean home. Here are some of the steps you, as the professional installer, can take to ease the pressure of being watched:

  • Protect floors with painter’s drop cloths or mover’s blankets. Make sure to carry a few units in your installation vehicle. Depending on the amount of goods that you are installing, you may need two or three to cover enough floor space to lay the treatments and tools over.
  • Use shoe covers (booties). I understand that not many people feel comfortable wearing them as the shoes can be slippery. The key here is to show respect (again) to the client’s property. Alternatively, you can work barefoot or bring a pair of “indoor” shoes/sneakers. Make sure to show the homeowner and designer that you are wearing clean shoes. Don’t assume that they know.
  • Never rest your tools or ladders on the furniture or walls. When leaning a ladder on the wall is absolutely necessary to access the window, make sure to protect the areas that are touching the walls or woodwork by wrapping the ladder with a towel or even with one of those extra mover’s blankets you have in the van.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a set of “bumpers” at the hardware store to mount on the top of the ladder. They are made of soft rubber and prevent indentations. I like to cover mine with a couple of shoe covers so they never leave imprints on the client’s walls.

Now, listen carefully as I am going to share the number 1 complaint I hear from dealers, workrooms and clients that can hurt your reputation. 

If you are going to be late, call ahead and inform the designer and client. Put them at ease. Build a cushion for yourself. If you are going to be late by even just 10 minutes, say “I am going to be there in 20 min.” Cover yourself. Don’t tell the client “ I will be there in five minutes and show up in 30.

You just escalated your client's anxiety level. The minute you show up, the client is going to be on top of everything you do. They are going to pick on every detail of the installation. You don’t need that added pressure, right? Tell them 30 min and show up in 10 or 15 min, apologize on the phone and apologize in person again as soon as you arrive. 

And always have a smile on your face. 

These little bits of advice will help you get started on the right foot. 

I have over 700+ 5 star reviews under my belt and have mastered the psychology of creating lasting impressions and that leaves the door open for additional business in the future. Your job as a Top-Notch Installer is to leave invisible marks behind—ones that make the client want to recommend you to friends and family for years to come.

Thanks so much for your support and always remember: Never Stop Learning.

Until next time!

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