Different specializations in the Window Treatment Industry to Increase your Revenue

#industryknowledge #installation #tools #windowtreatmentinstaller Apr 18, 2022
Want to know how to increase your revenue as a window treatment installer? ⬇️⁠

The industry is always growing, so the more you're learning, the more versatile you can get with your services. ⁠

Staying up to date with the latest trends can really help you reach a broader audience allowing you to cater to their specific needs. ⁠

Here are a few industry specializations you can learn to increase your revenue: ⁠

1. Home automation (ex. motorization) ⁠
2. Commercial (ex. banks) ⁠
3. Hospitality (ex. hotels) ⁠
4. Boats ⁠
5. RV's⁠

Learning window treatments for each of these specializations will drastically increase your revenue, making you the go to provider (with extensive knowledge) 🦉

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