Do you know the difference? Window Treatment Installer Tips

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Do you know the difference? Window Treatment Installer Tips

Can you point out the main difference between hard treatments and soft treatments?⁠

As a window treatment installer it's important to know which treatment to use for which project, which one to recommend for a client who isn't too sure, and of course, it's important to know when to combine the two! ⁠

Hard treatments are functional, usually used to make a statement in the window. Think of shutters, blinds and shades. ⁠

Soft treatments provide function but also add a design aesthetic to the appeal of the room. Think of draperies and valances. ⁠

When combined, you have a beautifully dressed window but they also have their functions individually! ⁠

Your knowledge is important to help interior designers and sales consultants in trick situations. Use those opportunities to teach them and make a friend along the way.⁠

Which is your favorite treatment to work with? 

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