Don't Give Up, Window Treatment Installers!

#determination #focus #inspiration Jul 07, 2022
Don't Give Up, Window Treatment Installers!
One thing I always say is required to becoming a window treatment installer is to have a problem-solving attitude. ⁠

We're bound to face little nuances throughout our day that we have to deal with but we'll also be faced with challenges we'll have to outsmart. ⁠

I remember the first time I had to measure for plantation shutters...OMG!! I was extremely nervous that I would measure them the wrong way (because we all know what an expensive nightmare it would be to measure plantation shutters wrong) and with that came a little self-doubt which quickly turned into "I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!" ⁠

It's the attitude I walk into all my jobs with because I know the challenges will be there, but believing I can figure it out depends on me. ⁠

Having the right mindset and a positive attitude towards the challenges you'll face will make a huge difference in whether or not you're cut out for the job and having a problem solver attitude will be an essential skill to have! ⁠

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