Window Treatment Installation Trends in 2022

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Window Treatment Installation Trends in 2022

With a new year, comes new trends for you to stay on the lookout for and the window treatment installation industry is no different! ⁠

Each year, we see certain window covering styles become highly requested, certain colors over others, etc. Here are a few trends for you to be on the lookout for in 2022. ⁠

1. Automation and Smart home technology: Motorized shades are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners continue to upgrade their homes to "smart" homes. Motorized window coverings allow for programming so homeowners do not have to worry about letting the light in when needed or putting the blinds down when privacy is needed. You should definitely get on this trend as it increases your revenue! ⁠

2. Roller Shades: Roller shades continue to spike in requests and is forecasted to be the number one window covering trend in 2022 because of their minimalistic look. ⁠

3. Natural color palettes: with increased needs for being indoors, homeowners are looking for ways to bring the "outdoors" in and make their homes more cozy. You can bet on natural looking fabrics, cozy textures and natural woven woods in Roman Shades. ⁠

What are some trends you've noticed lately in the Window Treatment Industry? Head over to our Instagram here and leave your comments.

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