Join Our Window Treatment Installers Facebook Group!

#determination #industryknowledge #longterminvestment #tools Jun 24, 2022
Join Our Window Treatment Installers Facebook Group!

Did you know we have two facebook groups for window treatment professionals? ⁠

Our Free Speech group allows for window treatment professionals to speak freely about their work, their challenges and ask for advice! (only window treatment professionals allowed) ⁠

Our Window Treatment Installers group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the industry! It's a great place to network, ask questions about projects, find opportunities to get started and so much more. On top of making connections with other installers, you'll also find other professionals in the industry like designers, fabricators, suppliers, workrooms, dealers, installers etc.⁠

Head to our Instagram bio to join one (or both) of our growing facebook groups!

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