Little Details Every Window Treatment Installer Should Pay Attention To

Jul 18, 2022
Are you missing these details on the job site? ⁠

Being detailed oriented plays a huge part in making sure the job gets done PERFECTLY. I'd like to think it's one of the skills that
has  helped me gain so many positive reviews about my work as a window treatment installer 👊🏼 (which in turn, brought me lots of new clients!) ⁠

If you're not detail oriented, that's ok. Here are a few things I always keep a close eye on to make sure my job completion looks the way I want it to ... TOP NOTCH! ⁠

1. Arriving on time: Valuing other people's time is such a small detail. Sometimes we think it's okay to be a few minutes late, but being timely makes all the difference and makes you stand out! ⁠

2. Bringing shoe coverings: Walking into a client's home with dirty shoes is something I never do, so I always make sure I have shoe coverings to keep any dirt outside. It's a small detail
that frequently gets noticed. ⁠

3. Getting your measurements right: You might have noticed that measuring plays a HUGE role when getting the job done, but even the smallest mistake can cause for a huge frustration. Paying attention to the measurements to make sure they're all accurate will really save you some time and headaches on the job. ⁠

4. Being able to answer questions: Being professional and knowledgeable enough in your field will really help you provide excellent customer service by just answering your clients questions! ⁠

Knowing these came with years of experience and I am packing it all up into an in-depth online course, where you can learn everything that
took me over fifteen years to learn. ⁠

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