Nine Feet Long Arms: Window Treatment Installer Secret

# installation # professionalinstaller #windowtreatmentinstaller Mar 12, 2021
Nine Feet Long Arms: Window Treatment Installer Secret

Wide windows (beyond 7 feet) and roller shades are in high demand these days. Builders and homeowners love big openings for the amount of light they provide in the rooms. However, those large openings create some challenges for window treatment installers, specially when they are working alone.

In many cases, the secret to clip the brackets is to start in the center of the treatment as it gives you balance. Unfortunately, when it comes to roller shades, that rule does not apply as the brackets are mounted at the ends of the roller.

What I do in those situations when I don't have my helper on the jobsite with me is to use my secret weapon.

Basically, I carry two three-step ladders from Gorilla and a 9 foot expandable aluminum plank from Little Giant.

When I need to install a treatment that is beyond my arm's reach, I setup my ladders and plank and now I can walk across the window while I am still holding the treatment.

I lost count of how many times I encountered this situation. And because the ladders and plank do not take much space in the van, I have them with me all the time.

This setup does three things:

a. Make your installs much quicker and clean as you don't struggle to engage the bracket on the far side of the window.

b. It is safe because you have both feet firmly on a plane and not off balance on the ladder. It is also safe for the homeowner, as you eliminate the possibility of breaking a valuable item in their homes from falling off the ladder.

c. You will look way more professional and that will likely generate more referrals.

As an added bonus, you can also use the plank with your bigger ladders if you have a tall window. It can be also your working station during the install.






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