Room for Improvement in the Window Treatment Installation Industry

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Room for Improvement in the Window Treatment Installation Industry

Two weeks ago, the shower faucet in my bathroom started leaking. So my wife called the same plumber we used once before. He was recommended by a close friend.

The first time, he showed up on time, was very clean, and performed the work timely and efficiently. I was happy with the quality of the work and even tipped him for a job well done.

Nevertheless, I am in the service business myself and understand how much people appreciate a professional that shows up on time and does the work as agreed.

So, this time, we had the same expectations. He agreed to show up at 2 pm on the following Saturday. But, three o’clock, four o’clock…six o’clock and nothing. I told my wife: “I bet he forgot the appointment.”

The following Monday morning, the phone rang and it was the plumber from Saturday. He apologized and said that he forgot all about our appointment.

He was not able to come until the following Saturday but was more than happy to send his brother that same day if I agreed. I said sure, send him over since my wife would be home.

When I arrived at my house, the plumber was still there. As I opened the door, I saw mud tracks leading to the bathroom. I looked at my wife and she gave me that “I don’t know what to do” look.

I go upstairs and greet the guy asking if he needs anything and then I head into my office. When he was done, I went in to check his work. Indeed, the faucet was replaced and the leak was gone.

But, he left such a sloppy job in the shower that I could not believe it. I was so upset that I didn't even want him to clean up, figuring that if I had to ask him to do that it was because he did not see anything wrong.

Therefore, I just paid him and could not get him out of my house fast enough.

So, lets’ go over the mistakes the plumber made and how he could have done better.

The first mistake: he said that he forgot the appointment. You NEVER! EVER tell a client that you forgot the appointment. Even if you do forget, you don’t say that. Come up with some excuse such as I was stopped by the police, or your phone died or you had a flat tire. But saying that you forgot the client, it sends a message that they are not important to your company.

Mistake #2 - The tracks are all over the floors. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a big fan of shoe covers and moving blankets as I enter people’s homes. It sends the message to homeowners that I will take care of their places and that puts them at ease. If you are concerned about shoe covers making your feet slippery, either remove your shoes or bring indoor / clean shoes to work inside the house.

Mistake #3 - Leave a sloppy mess thinking it is fine. Every time you complete a project, you should vacuum or at least sweep the area, take the boxes, packages and old treatments away. If your company doesn’t take the trash away, at least ask the homeowner where to put it such as in the garage, basement or the backyard.

And finally, by making all of those mistakes, he just missed a chance to receive a five-star review and closed the door for future work and potential referrals.

Once you acquire a client and do a great job, it is so much easier and cheaper to do repeat work. Don’t miss that opportunity.

Today's takeaway: the hardest part for any company is to have a client agree to your products & services. When they do, do not screw up! Take the time to please them. Be kind and clean while on their property and leave the job site on a high note.

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And don't forget: Never Stop Learning!

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