Testimonials Matter: Window Treatment Installer Advice

#business opportunities #customer service #installation #online reviews #testimonials Dec 04, 2020
Testimonials Matter: Window Treatment Installer Advice

Honest question: would you buy a book before reading consumers' feedback? How about selecting a medical provider? Do you ask friends and family for recommendations or do you go to the insurance's website and pick a name that you sympathize with?

As service providers (yes, the products you sell or make are considered services too), we are being investigated by potential buyers before they even call you. If you don't have many reviews online, chances are that you are not even showing up on the searches. Never mind having your phone ring.

How do you change that? You must ask for one. Don't feel embarrassed. Today's consumers are very comfortable with online experiences. But first, you must lay the ground work...

There are several places on the internet that can host your company's reviews. Some examples include Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie's List, Customer Lobby, and Houzz to name a few. Some are free and some are paid.

Once you establish your company's profiles with some of these services (yes, more than one to give your clients options), you will be ready to ask for recommendations.

At the end of every project, I send an email to my clients thanking them for their business and also to make sure that if any issue arises, they can call me for a solution. At the bottom of my message I include a link to all five directories I use to host my testimonials and kindly ask them to review my work using one (or all) of the links provided.

I currently own more than 500 - 5 start reviews throughout my directories and typically my company shows up at the top in most searches. Since I have so many, most inquiries I receive are already warm and my job closing sales become much easier.

In closing, you cannot ignore the fact that testimonials are vital for businesses of all sizes. It is a very effective (and affordable) way to build your company's reputation and develop warm leads. It might be a bit awkward and intimidating at the beginning. But after a few requests, it will become second nature and before you know it they will add up. You just have to ask for it.


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