The Best Way to Gain Experience as a Window Treatment Industry Novice

# installation # professionalinstaller #industryknowledge #longterminvestment Jun 01, 2022
The Best Way to Gain Experience as a Window Treatment Industry Novice

Just starting out in the window treatment industry? Then this blog is for you (Head over to our Instagram and you can save these tips for future!)⁠

Here are just a few ways you can get experience if you are trying to break into this great industry: ⁠

1. Take certifications and trainings from manufacturers whenever possible to further advance your knowledge.⁠

2. Get hands on experience working for bigger outlets in the industry like Lowe's, Home Depot, Blinds to Go, etc. ⁠

3. Attend events and conferences related to the industry (IWCE 2022 was last week and it's a huge event for advancing your career in window treatment installation). ⁠

4. Network within the industry to source opportunities (through Facebook groups or by joining the Window Covering Association of America). ⁠

5. Read trade magazines⁠.

6. Listen to podcasts from industry leaders (Checkout my Trading Secrets podcast!) ⁠

7.Watch YouTube videos related to what you want to professionalize in.⁠

If you're already in the industry, comment over on our IG post here your best tip for someone who is just starting out!

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