The Installer's Network for Window Treatment Professionals

#business opportunities #window treatment installer Dec 18, 2020
The Installer's Network for Window Treatment Professionals

When I created Trading Up Consulting, one of my goals was to provide education and networking opportunities for the ones I come across in the industry. And one of the questions I get asked regularly is “where do I find good installers?” 

While I am working on developing quality training for the ones interested in bringing their companies to the next level, I took the first step towards answering the question above by putting together a list of installation companies across the US and Canada. This project is at its initial phase and will be constantly updated to reflect new providers.

Our industry shares some very unique features. One of those features is the fact that you can work for your competition. Let me explain: some businesses are set up as installation-only companies while others are window treatment dealers (or fabricators) only. There is a third group: some businesses are installers and dealers at the same time. I personally started Shades In Place Inc. as an installation-only company at the very beginning and after a couple of years into it, I decided to add products to my offerings.

I still offer installation services to retail clients as well as to trade professionals. I know it sounds strange (it is, actually) to go against your competitor on some projects and work for them on others. Installers with high integrity and moral values will never cross that line by stealing a client.

Unfortunately, like in every industry, there are bad apples too and not every dealer will feel comfortable sending the competition to their job sites. Especially if the installer is driving a company’s vehicle that does not reflect the dealer’s name. It is a valid point. If you are denied a job for that reason, don’t take it personally. It is likely that the dealer had a bad experience(s) in the past. Trust is something that money cannot buy and it takes time to build.

For that reason, the database I’ve put together is broken down by state and it reflects if the installation companies are installation-only or if they also sell products. I am in favor of full disclosure and to offer as much information as possible, so the dealer can make the best educated decision.

For dealers, designers and workrooms: I cannot vet for any of the companies listed. It will be your job to interview them as only you know what values are important to represent your business. I am simply giving you a list of potential installers. You should ask whatever questions you want, including how are they dressed, what kind of vehicle they drive, are they willing to add your business as an additional insured on your commercial insurance policy, etc. If you don’t like what you hear, move to the next candidate.

For installers: My job is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to make you more profitable. I believe that the installer’s database will help you achieve that, as your company will be listed for free to potential new accounts in the areas you already do business. Please take the time to complete the form as best as you can, including relevant training and certifications. Use this link to submit your info.

In closing, the internet is a giant “Amazon warehouse,” with millions of products (information).  My job here is to display the inventory for your shopping (provide a clean list) and deliver it to your door (your inbox).

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