The Moving Blanket Message: Window Treatment Installer Tips

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The Moving Blanket Message: Window Treatment Installer Tips

The doorbell announces that the installer has arrived for the installation of those anticipated window treatments. As the homeowner opens the door, her (or his) first impression of the installer will set the mood for the next few hours. If the installer looks sloppy or unprofessional, chances are the homeowner will be watching the installation closely, worried about her home being treated without care.

Alternatively, if the homeowner opens the door to a tidy installer carrying a folded moving blanket under his (her) arms, it sends the message that he will be careful while in the house handling the installation.

You see, the moving blanket does more than just the physical task of protecting the floors. It sends a message to the homeowner that the installation will be handled professionally and the home will be treated with care and respect. Often, the homeowner will leave the installer alone (less pressure on the installer) and goes to another room in the house.

A tarp offers additional benefits to the installer:

a. It creates a work area to lay out products and tools, keeping those items contained, and creating a visual cue so no items are left behind upon departure. It also shows organizational skills to the homeowner.

b. The tarp can be used to protectively wrap shades, shutters or other hardware that may need to be returned to your shop for any reason.

c. A tarp would serve as a protective barrier between your shoes and let’s say a window sill that you may need to step on for added support for those hard to reach places. It can also protect the walls should you need to rest your ladder up against them to hit your installation target.

d. Multiple tarps can be used to cover carpets and furniture against dust and debris caused from drilling, especially when dealing with concrete ceilings.

e. When moving an item isn’t an option, such as a bathtub or a heavy bed, it can provide the installer with the ability to complete the installation by protecting such items from his/her footprints.

I personally prefer moving blankets over painters’ drop cloths because they are heavier and padded which offers additional protection.

Having several units in your van gives you the flexibility to create a wider working area and allows you to wrap one or multiple treatments and still have a spare one for the next stop.

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