When Looking for Window Treatment Installers Becomes too Hard

# installation # professionalinstaller #industryknowledge #topnotchinstaller #windowtreatmentinstaller Apr 25, 2022
When Looking for Window Treatment Installers Becomes too Hard

I attended the International Window Coverings Expo a few weeks ago where I got a chance to speak with a lot of industry professionals. 

Professionals who are interior designers, manufacturers, fabricators and more! 

Do you want to know what the main topic of conversation was when I spoke to professionals in each of these areas? 


The truth of the matter is, installers are a MAJOR part of the window treatment industry. 

Installers are quality control, they set the standard for how your job is finalized. They are the last person your client interacts with before a project is completely finalized.

But, with the lack of training for window treatment installers, it's easy to understand why they are hard to find. 

That's why I created the Installation Startup Course. A course that gives anyone interested in starting a career as a window treatment installer a 360 overview of the industry.

It's perfect to share with your son, daughter, or friend who is ready for a career change into a growing industry. It's perfect for the person you KNOW would make a great installer. The person you would like on your team!

There's also something in the works coming in the fall. A way to truly give installers a TOP NOTCH training, to make sure they are getting the job done right and representing your business the way you would expect them to. Make sure to sign up here so you'll be the first to hear about it when it's ready.

Never stop learning, 


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