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The best Top-Notch Installers go beyond this and make their clients delighted. They manage to have happy lifelong customers so pleased with the work, that their clients recommend them to their friends and family.

That’s why signing up for this course will give you the knowledge to be a Top-Notch Installer and grow your business.

When you delight a client, they will never forget their experience. You will be the first person in their mind when they think about anything related to the Window Treatment business. This course will show you how to do this.

Commercial Installation 101


  • How to get started with commercial jobs - A leveling class going over the major differences between commercial and residential installs.

  • How to do the measuring properly

  • How to install roller shades in a commercial setting - Roller shades are very hot right now and there are a lot of accounts out there seeking this type of work

  • How to set up and clean your installs