E#006 - One Word and Nine Meanings

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about one word and nine meanings. This one word represents 9 qualities that any top-notch installer needs to have. Last week I received a Christmas card from my graphic designer, designed by her with one word on the cover. That word was gratitude, but she had also turned it into an acrostic, meaning each letter of the word represented another word. This inspired me to create a version for window treatment installers. Gratitude itself is the quality of being thankful, appreciative, and returning kindness. Window treatment installers provide a service that isn’t necessarily needed but wanted, so I am always grateful for the work I have and that people want to work with me. In my version of gratitude, the G stands for great. Always go above and beyond in your installations. R stands for resilient. Not everything will always run smoothly and you have to adapt. A stands for adaptable which ties into resilience. T is for trustworthy. We are going into peoples’ homes, and it is important to foster trust with your clients. It takes time but you can earn it. Next, the letter I stands for insightful. You have to understand the products and the project inside out. You need to be able to answer your clients’ questions. T is for thoughtful, which is related to insightful but also means you think ahead to make your installation as effortless as possible. The letter U stands for uninhibited; you need to be comfortable working with new people and unfamiliar situations. D stands for dependable, which is one of the most important qualities you can have. E stands for engaging. Interact with your clients, designers, and suppliers.